10+ Profile Page Templates in HTML CSS

Want to make your website look great? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ve found over 30 awesome profile page templates made with HTML and CSS. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, these templates will help you create cool and easy-to-use profile pages quickly. Let’s dive in and find the perfect template for your site!

1. Simple Profile Page Template

This code creates a simple profile page suitable for showcasing any individual. It displays the person’s name, life dates, and a brief biography. Additionally, it provides details about their nationality, education, and known works. The page also includes a link to view their gallery. The CSS styles ensure a responsive and visually appealing layout. This helps create an elegant and informative personal profile page.

Simple Profile Page Template

Author: lianglingjiang

2. Instagram Profile Page Template

This Instagram Profile Page Template offers a stylish, responsive design for showcasing profiles. It includes CSS for layout and JavaScript for interactive features. Users can display profile pictures, user information, stories, and posts attractively. The template also provides smooth hover effects and click-to-view enlargements for images. Perfect for creating visually appealing and user-friendly Instagram-like profile pages.

Instagram Profile Page Template

Author: Areal Alien

3. Simple Profile Page UI

This code creates a simple profile page UI. It displays a user profile card with a background image, avatar, and follow button. The card also shows the user’s name, GitHub link, and a brief description. Below, it presents the number of posts, followers, and following. The design is clean and user-friendly, making it ideal for personal or professional websites.

Simple Profile Page UI

Author: Jose Pino

4. User Profile Page

This code creates a user profile page with a dynamic, engaging layout. It features a profile picture, username, and user status. Additionally, it displays the user’s job title, description, and social media stats. The code also animates the username and social media icons for a lively visual effect. This user profile page is ideal for showcasing personal or professional information in an appealing format.

User Profile Page

Author: Muhammad Musa

5. Profile Page With Parallax Header

This code creates a stylish profile page with a parallax header. The header image and profile avatar smoothly resize as you scroll. It uses Vue.js for dynamic content updates and CSS for layout and styling. The page includes a fixed header, a content section with profile details, and responsive design elements for various screen sizes. This setup is ideal for creating visually appealing and interactive user profiles on websites.

Profile Page With Parallax Header

Author: Luna Skye 

6. Tailwind CSS Profile Page

This Tailwind CSS profile page template creates a visually appealing and responsive profile card. It includes a header with a gradient background, a profile picture, and user details like name and username. Additionally, it showcases user skills with labeled badges, action buttons for messaging and project additions, and sections for an about description and work experiences. This template is perfect for personal or professional web profiles, providing a clean and modern design.

Tailwind CSS Profile Page

Author: Dadda Hicham

7. Profile Page Using HTML and CSS

This code creates a stylish profile page using HTML and CSS. It features a header, user information, and social media links. The profile includes an image, name, profession, and contact details. Additionally, it shows follower statistics and a short bio. The layout also includes a navigation menu and a gallery of photos. This template is perfect for creating an attractive and organized profile page.

Profile Page Using HTML and CSS

Author: Kristen 

8. Flex Profile Page

This Flex Profile Page showcases user profiles with a clean, responsive layout. It displays user information such as name, location, followers, and financial stats. The layout adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent appearance on any device. With a prominent header and organized sections, it presents essential data clearly. This code helps create professional, visually appealing profile pages efficiently.

Flex Profile Page

Author: Andrew Abogadop

9. Profile Page with CSS Grid Overlap

This code creates a profile page using CSS Grid with overlapping elements. It features a photo, name, title, bio, and social media links. The grid layout adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a responsive design. This code helps you build a visually appealing and organized profile page, perfect for personal portfolios or professional introductions.

Profile Page with CSS Grid Overlap

Author: Kenold Beauplan

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